Teamcenter is the PDM software sold by Siemens PLM Software ( and is a complete suite for the support of Product Lifecycle Management. The Teamcenter PDM software portfolio offeres among other the following solutions (see the Siemens website for a complete overview).

  • Engineering Process Management
  • Content and Document Management
  • Lifecycle Visualization
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Compliance Management
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul


For the SMB Siemens offer a Teamcenter Express version that is completely preconfigureed and easy to install. It it limited in its configuration optioins but also comes with a competitive pricing. For more details we refer to the Siemens organisation and website.

Within AP3 we have much experience in the installation, configuration and use of the Teamcenter software. AP3 also offerts a number of utilities and functions that are principally offered as open source solutions. The utilities and functions have been combined in the AP3 Teamcenter Framework (also selectable from the menus using PLM - Teamcenter - AP3 Teamcenter Framework).

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