Project approach

The figure below shows the 5 main modules for a complete project approach by AP3. We strive to be able to execute each of the modules as completely indepent work pacakge. This enables you as customer to choose which modules are to be used.

AP3 Projectfasen

For each of the modules the following tasks and deliverables can be delivered. An exact definition will always be defined in agreement with customers, tailored to specific business wishes or requirements.




Quick Scan

  • Interviews with employees
  • Identification of current processes, procedures and the way-of-working
  • Identification of wishs, requirements and problems
  • Analysis of the company strategy, -model and -goals
  • A report with identification of problem or improvement areas, implementation strategy, project fase definition and a global infomration architecture

Inventory and update of

  • Analysis of current process, procedures and way-of-working
  • Analysis of current information management systems and datamodel
  • Review with employees for agreement on new ways-of-working
  • Analysis of enabling IT systems and configuration
  • A (updated) Business Case
  • A global description of new ways-of-working
  • Definition of functional system requirements


  • Translation of the desired way-of-working to a Proof-Of-Concept requirements description
  • Supplier pre-selection (long-list)
  • Support in the supplier selection process, evaluation and decision strategy
  • Specification of technical requirements for a Proof-Of-Concept
  • Planning of Proof-Of-Concept demonstrations
  • A report with the evaluation results, decision and weight factors and descision strategy
  • Management report of the choosen system
  • (Updated) Business Case


  • (Support for) installation of software
  • (Support for) configuration of software
  • Project issue management
  • Definition of test specifications
  • Support in the execution of technical and system tests
  • Creation of trainings- and reference documentation
  • Planning and execution of training
  • Analysis, quality improvement and execution of datamigration
  • An installed, configured, tested and accepted PLM system
  • Documented ways-of-working
  • Trainings- and reference documentation
  • Migrated legacy data


  • Setup of recurring support activities
  • Definition and organisation a application helpdesk
  • Application support
  • Documentation of daily support tasks, responsiblities and authorization and reporting
  • A helpdesk procedure
  • Regular application support
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